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Homemade Beauty Products for Smooth Skin

Homemade Beauty Products for Smooth Skin

Homemade Beauty Products for Smooth SkinCleopatra was considered as the most beautiful woman of all time. She used Dead Sea Salt to maintain her everlasting beauty. But all of us don’t have access to Dead Sea salt, while spending huge money to purchase expensive beauty products is also a tough matter. So what should we do to maintain the smoothness and natural attraction of our skin?

Homemade beauty products are the best option for the people who don’t want to spend more money for purchasing cosmetic products or who have a fear that the cosmetic product may impart negative effects on their skin. Homemade beauty products can be prepared using 100 % natural ingredients so you can try them without any doubt. Here are some homemade beauty recipes, which certainly give your skin a natural attraction and glow.

Homemade Cleanser

Cleansing is an essential step regarding to maintain the beauty and freshness of your skin. Use a homemade home cleanser; you can make it by your own easily. To make a home cleanser you will need:

  • Fresh or dried chamomile flowers – 2 tbsps.
  • One fourth cup of cream
  • One fourth cup of milk

Pour all ingredients in a pan and heat them but make sure do not bring to a boil. Leave this mixture for two hours to cool down and then strain. Transfer it in a jar and keep in the refrigerator. You can use it whenever you need.

Homemade Toner

Homemade lemon toner is really great for regular use as well as very easy to prepare. You just have to take:

  • Half cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2/3 cup of Witch hazel
  • One cup of Distilled water

Make a mixture of all ingredients in a glass and then transfer in a bottle or jar. Keep the solution in refrigerator; don’t forget to shake it before using.