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Home Remedies For Skin Discoloration & Dark Skin


Skin discoloration is a very horrible thing and no one like to have uneven skin tones and if you are one of those who thought that you were taking care of your skin and now you are worried cause of this uneven skin tone, then take a deep breath and calm down, it will be absolutely fine, here are some simple home remedies for you to try and you will get beautiful smooth healthy skin.

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Here are some simple home remedies for you to deal with your skin discoloration.

First thing you need to do is, get some medical help if you are dealing with something externally or something seriously, you might be getting something deep down too and once it is clear then you just need to understand just one thing, it is not something very serious and we will deal with that with some simple home remedies and you will get a beautiful skin back, so don’t stress cause stress will make it worse.Home Remedies For Skin Discoloration2

Lemon juice is your new BFF, you need to use it on your skin as much as possible, but keep one thing in mind, you cannot, you are not allow to go out in sunshine or in day light while you have lime on your face or on your skin, lime becomes a killer once it get in contact with harsh rays of sun, so just keep inside and in dark or cool place and it will deal with all of your skin issues.Home Remedies For Skin Discoloration3

Don’t underestimate the power of exfoliation, you need to use some mild scrub for that or you can use homemade scrub for that too including one that you make with oak meals or whole grains and if you want something for your dull looking skin the try a fine pasta white poppy seeds and that is the best thing that you can do to get your fair and smooth skin back and you will see the result too.Home Remedies For Skin Discoloration4

Cut a lemon in half and rub the open face over the spot and if you need something more then add some sugar in it and it will help your pours too and after that scrubbing you can apply honey on your face for even stronger effect.

Combine 2 tablespoon of liquid castile soap with honey and distilled water or rosewater and use it to massage with that mixture gently into the skin and then leave it for half an hour and wash it off with running water,Home Remedies For Skin.
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