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Home Remedies For Scars On Your Face


Home Remedies For Scars On Your FaceNo one likes to have dark sports, black spots or dark patches on their skin and specially on their faces and if unfortunately you have any of these then you don’t need be worried, we have some very simple and very interesting, but effective tips and they are natural so you don’t need to be worried that you will get any side effect.Home Remedies For Scars On Your Face1

First of all you need to see if you are getting any these marks due to some healthy reason or are they a result of any medication or medical issue, then you just need to get full check up and get the required supplements and you will be fine and if that is not the reason then here are some home remedies for you.Home Remedies For Scars On Your Face2

Lemon Juice: – no matter what kind of scars or what kind of marks they are lime can fed anything off and you do not even need to apply too much on it or by some expansive lime products for that, you just need to take a lime cut it in half and apply all over your face  and then let it get dry and wash it off with plain water and you need to apply that as much as you can as long as you indoor as sun is very harsh for your lime pack and soon you will get desired result, you can use lime juice to get rid of black spots, blackheads and other unhealthy marks too.

Sandalwood: – Sandalwood is another very effective option for your marks and scars and I would say that you just make a thick paste of sandalwood powder with glycerin and rose water and apply that over your face every day and lie-down on your back till it get really dry and then wash it off with running water, you need to do that every day until your black spots vanish completely.

Turmeric is basically a antiseptic and it fed out those scars and marks that get inflamed and did not get healed properly and you just need to mix it with lime or honey and apply that directly to your scar or you can use it over your whole face and then wash it off with chilled water and if you want to get fairer and smoother skin then mix it with lime and gram flour and apply that over your face and scrub it off once it is dry and wash your face with running water and you can replace this with your face wash to get smoother and beautiful  skin ever.

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