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Home Remedies For Monsoon Diseases

Home Remedies For Monsoon Diseases

If you are living in any part of third world countries then I bet you would be enjoying the pouring season of monsoon and I bet you would have experienced some of famous monsoon infections and diseases too and you would have visited doc a couple of times too so what if we share some simple home remedies that can make your beautiful and happening monsoon more beautiful and healthy.

First of all you need to try to get a strong immune system and for that you can have necessary shots before the season, ask some help against dengue, conjunctivitis and viral infections and then make sure you have necessary equipments and you know these home remedies.

First thing that we are going to talk about is Dengue  which killed 100s of people last year and when u getting your home done for the season you need to get mosquito spray too as Dengue fever is transmitted by Aedes mosquito, at the moment we don’t have any kind of vaccine to prevent dengue but you can easily avoid getting the infection by not allowing stagnation of water at home, spraying anti insects sprays and as soon as you notice the symptoms including steep rise and drop in body temperature, sweating, burning sensation, headaches, pain in the lower back, legs, muscles and joints then get in the hospital immediately  and the best home remedies that can use is healthy food, you need to push fluid and drink juices, specially orange juice, papaya leaf extract or can homemade papaya juice too,  and stay focused and get to hospital when you feel things are getting worse.

Home Remedies For Monsoon Diseases

Conjunctivitis means Pink eye as conjunctivitis is commonly referred to this season and if you know that if you prevent germs and unhealthy environment then you actually can handle it, you just need to stay germs and viral free and you can try these home remedies for that, use clean tissues to wipe off eye discharge time to time, don’t use same tissue again and again, don’t use any kind of lotion on your eyes or make up, wash your eyes with rose water again and again, splash cold water in your eyes early in the morning while holding water in their mouth and that will help your eyes instantly.

Home Remedies for Top 3 Monsoon Diseases

If a monsoon is here and viral infections are not then you must be dreaming or you have been really careful, viral infections are spread by a virus which is smaller than bacteria and can be transmitted orally and sexually and to prevent or deal with that you need to eat lots of fruits especially those which are rich in Vitamin C and which are citric use powder of ginger, black pepper and turmeric powder and add it in your glass of milk and then boil it for about 7-8 minutes and drink it, use hone with ginger can help too.