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Home Remedies For MigraineIf you are one of those sensitive, intelligent and smart people who are suffering with migraines then let me tell you that I know how hard it is and life is not easy, and since I know that I keep looking things that can prevent it, help it and actually can make it go, there are 100s of medicine for that, but they all have very harsh side effects too and I seriously don’t want to get any of these and as you know me, I like home remedies to treat body and health issues and if you want that too then here are some simple home remedies to defeat your migraine.Home Remedies For Migraine1

If you are feeling like you are going to get migraine and it hasn’t come to its extreme yet then try Cold Compresses and it will actually might it go, cold compresses can help aid migraine for that you can try a simple cold ice pack and wrap it in a towel and place it alternatively on your temples and forehead for a few seconds and keep doing that for a while and you will get some good results.
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Another good treatment is Herbal pills and you can make them at home and for these pills, you will require two tablespoon valerian, chamomile, blue skullcap, mint leaves, rosemary each and then add some honey and grind all the herbs together and then you need to add honey to bind the powder and then you need to take 1 or 2 of these herbal pills when you start getting the vibes of migraine.Home Remedies For Migraine3

Mixed Juice can help you when you get the strong and horrible storks of migraine and for that you need to mix spinach juice, beetroot juice and cucumber juice and add some water if you really have to and then drink it small portion three times a day and you will feel really good.

Niacin, vitamin B3 or vitamin PP can relieve thumping migraine headache and for that you just need to take your niacin intake by including vitamin sources, such as yeast, whole wheat, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, nuts, sunflower seeds, liver and fish into your routine diet,
Best of luck.