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Home Remedies For Fair Neck


Home Remedies For Fair NeckIf you feel that your neck look and seems a bit darker and dull as compare to your face or other body part then you just need to follow some simple tips and that will not only help you get beautiful and flawless skin, but it will keep your neck younger and healthier for longer time of period so are you ready to get these.Home remedies for flawless fair skin1

First of all you need to start taking care of your skin the way you do to you face, cleansing, scrubbing and toning is very essential for your face and for your neck too, tie your hair up and apply all the cleanings and toning masks all over your neck too and you need to keep a scrubbing towel and use it to scrub your neck with smooth and soft hands.Home Remedies For Fair Neck 1

Now here are some simple home remedies that you can use to get rid of darker skin around your neck.

Lemon Juice is very good for your skin and you can use it to get fairer skin of your face and any other body part and for neck you just need to take some plain lemon juice and mix it with some rose water and apply this mixture to your neck and rub it well and let over your neck over night and wash it off with chilled water in the morning and this will help your issue very effectively.

Cucumber Juice is also very good for your skin and it has belching and smoothing powers and it is very good for exfoliation of the skin too as it is very effective to make your skin smooth and removes the dead skin which has accumulated over the years and gives your skin a refreshing and new look and for your neck you just need to mash cucumber t get the cucumber juiceĀ  and apply that over your darkened part of the neck and rub a piece of cucumber onto it and then lie down on your back, and you can use the mashed cucumber over your face too and the take a shower with running water, you can do that 4 times a week and you can use Potato or potato Juice same procedure and for same results too.

Orange Peel powder is a great thing to get rid of darkened skin and you can use it in your morning gram flour mask too can you can use it as body scrubber too and for that you just need t take powdered peel of orange and mix it with milk and then apply this to your skin and lie down on your back for 20-30 minutes and then scrub it off and wash it with chilled water.

Best of luck.