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Home Remedies for Dark Finger Joints

Home Remedies for Dark Finger Joints

Home Remedies for Dark Finger JointsNo matter how much bucks and time you’ve spent in getting your hands manicured discolored finger-joints can ruin the look of your manicured hands in no time. There can be various factors contributing to the darkened knuckles, the most common reason is improper cleansing.

If like most of the women you were continuously neglecting your hands and resultantly have developed stained finger-joints, you’ll definitely be looking for some helpful ways to lighten them. If it’s so; this article is for you as it contains some home treatments for darkened knuckles. Give these remedies a go and get those pretty, gorgeous hands back you once had.

Lemon Juice and Honey
A mixture of honey and lemon juice can work like a magic to lighten your discolored finger joints, rendering you flaunt-ably gorgeous hands. You just need to rub the mixture onto the problem areas for almost ten minutes regularly. The time this remedy takes to produce results may vary from person to person; the darker the skin, the more time results would take.

Milk Cream and Vitamin E

Another simple yet effect home treatment for darkened knuckles comes in the form of a concoction of milk cream and vitamin E. Buy some vitamin E capsules from the nearest pharmaceutical store; extract the vitamin and mix it into the milk cream thoroughly. Scrub your joints intensely with this mixture for ten minutes. You’ll notice remarkable improvement in your skin after a few days of regular use.

Yogurt and Almond

Blend together a few grounded almonds and some yogurt and whisk well. The resultant mixture happens to be very soothing for the dry skin and leaves the dehydrated skin well-nourished and moisturized. Use this mixture after scrubbing your hands with a good scrubber. Apply and rub intensely onto your hands paying enough attention to the knuckles for almost ten minutes. Rinse the afterwards.