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Home Made Facials For Sensitive Skin

Home Made Facials For Sensitive Skin

Home Made Facials For Sensitive SkinSensitive skin calls for extra care and attention. Those with sensitive or ultra sensitive skin need to be very choosy and diligent while picking skincare and makeup products for their susceptible skin as the additives, colorants, or fragrance present in drugstore products can wreak havoc on their already sensitive skin.

Providentially, making your own skincare products at home is the best way to make sure of what goes onto your skin. Facial scrub is one of the many skincare treatments you can prepare at home using ordinary kitchen items. Here are listed a few simple facial scrub recipes for sensitive skin.

Banana Oatmeal

Soothing and moisturizing banana oatmeal mask is gentle enough to use on sensitive and ultra-sensitive skins. To prepare the mask, mash a ripened banana and add one tsp oatmeal and one tsp. honey to it. Stir well and gently work the resultant mixture over your face. Allow it to sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse off with cool water.

Cucumber and Aloe Vera

Another mild facial scrub that tightens your pores along with exfoliating your sensitive skin gently is cucumber aloe vera mask. To create the mask, take three tbsp freshly grated cucumber and two tbsp aloe vera gel and mix both the ingredients together. Massage the cocktail on top of your face and wait for a few minutes. After the set time is over, wipe the scrub away light-handedly with cool water.

Super Simple Scrub

This easy-to-create facial recipe can work wonders for your vulnerable skin. Add a gentle exfoliating agent to the face wash you already use to make a face scrub. As you have sensitive skin, it is highly recommended for you to avoid using abrasive ingredients like salt, sugar or ground almonds as they tend to aggravate your skin condition rather than doing something good to it. You may rather want to use oatmeal since it is gentle enough to not irritate sensitive skin.