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Home Based Solutions to Chuck Out Dark Circles

Home Based Solutions to Chuck Out Dark Circles

Home Based Solutions to Chuck Out Dark CirclesA large number of people across the globe experience dark circles in the delicate under-eye area. Triggered by a number of factors, these under-eye dark circles make you look exhausted, ill and dull, thus let down your entire personality.

Different manufacturers offer you different products for getting rid of these bad-looking dark circles, but if you have tried many and fail to get the satisfactory results than perhaps it is the time to experiment with home remedies to cure dark circles. Some of the effective home remedies to throw the dark circles away are given below;

Home Remedies to Cure Dark Circles

Cucumber Juice or Slices: Cucumber is recognized remedy for dark circles. Both slices as well as cucumber juice are equally beneficial when it comes to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. If you choose to use the cucumber juice, dampen two cotton pads with the juice and place them over your eyes for more or less 15 minutes. Or place cucumber slices over the effected area for 15-20 minutes. Besides lightening the dark circles, cucumber will also give soothe and cool feeling to your eyes.

Almond Oil Massage: Almond oil is another helpful home cure for dark circles. Give your eyes almond oil massage for at least ten minutes just before sleeping in night. You will notice remarkable improvement after few days of regular use. You can also add honey in the almond oil for much better results.

Dark Circle Removal Recipe: To prepare the recipe mix 3-4 drops of lemon juice, dash of turmeric powder, one tsp. tomato juice and a little amount of white flour in a bowl to get a thick paste. Apply the prepared mixture in the under-eye area. Let it sit for almost fifteen minutes and then wash off. The remedy is also helpful in treating eye puffiness.

Tea Bags: Tea bags is one more effectual home remedy for eradicating dark circles. Simply place the worn out cool tea bags over the dark circles for 10-15 minutes daily, making it sure that the bags are not excessively moist. After few days you will notice an evident improvement in the condition.