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Herbal Acne Treatment at Home

Herbal Acne Treatment at Home
Herbal Acne Treatment at Home
Herbal Acne Treatment at Home
Herbal Acne Treatment at Home

Acne is a skin condition triggered due to variety of factors including over-activity of oil glands, pores clogging, pimple eruption and blackheads outbreak. Usually adults under 30 or teenagers suffer from this skin condition, however, sometimes acne attack the older adults as well. Many herbal acne treatments are available today; some of which are oral medications while some others are topical. The herbal treatments are preferred by the people because the risk of side affect associated is very least. Some herbal acne treatments are listed below;


Neem, because of its antibacterial nature, is a recognized remedy for different skin conditions including eczema; therefore it is used in different skincare products as a chief ingredient. When it comes to treat acne, using herbal treatment, the effectiveness and importance of neem can never be denied. Studies have found that Neem effectively treat acne by destroying the acne causing organisms. Neem’s fungicidal properties enable it to kill the damaging bacteria and fungus thus chucks out acne effectively.


Vitex, also know as chasteberry, also helps controlling acne in young men and women. Experts believe that plays role in treating acne because of its knack to balance hormonal kasino level in human body. However, it is believed to boost the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women.

Tea Tree Oil

Though it acts slowly, tea tree oil is very effective in curing acne. When used topically, it help reducing inflammation and eliminating acne and pimple causing bacteria.

Dong Quai

Studies have found that a Chinese herb dong quai, also called Angelica dahurica or Angelica sinensis had anti-acne positive characteristics. The acne fighting effects of dong quai are akin a topical acne medication erythromycin.


Guggul as well may aid relieving acne, especially among people with oily skin. The study published in year 1994 revealed that using guggul supplements regularly for 3 months brought remarkable improvement in the skin condition.

Some other herbs that may assist curing acne include Arctium lappa, Basil, sandalwood, oleum melaleuca, calendula officinalis, Oleum caryophylii , melaleuca alternifolia, Oleum lavandula, burdock and symphytum.