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Helpful Ways to Reduce Sebum Production & Skin Care Tips

Helpful Ways to Reduce Sebum

Acne, one of the most common skin conditions, owes its existence to excess secretion of sebum. Sebum production happens to be at its peak during puberty and teenage and hence breakouts is a common skin issue in teenagers.Helpful Ways to Reduce Sebum

While the optimum quantity of sebum produced by the sebaceous gland can be highly beneficial for your skin, over-activity of the sebaceous glands can trigger several skin-issues along with giving your skin an oily, greasy look.

Helpful Ways to Reduce Sebum

There are many factors which contribute to abnormal sebum production including hormonal imbalance, poor dirt and improper skincare regimen. It isn’t an irresolvable issue however. you can get the issue fixed by following some skincare tips.

Keep the Skin Clean and DryKeep the Skin Clean and Dry

As you know the sebum production is usually related with oily skin, keeping the skin dry and clean can help you reduce its production. So, make it a point to cleanse your face regularly with an oil-free cleanser and then pat it dry gently with a soft cloth.

In the afternoon and before you go to bed, wash your face again to remove any dirt or makeupUse a Good Toner

After you’re done with cleansing, tone your skin with a quality skin-tonic. This will work to open up the clogged pores allowing your skin to breathe freely by wiping off the dir and grime accumulated in the pores. Moreover, regular toning also eliminates the excess oil present on your skin and thus helps cutting back on sebum production,Helpful Ways to Reduce Sebum .

DIY Face Masks for Your Skin TypeDry Face Masks

Using dry face masks is another quick fix for oily, sebum producing skin. Such sort of face masks ensure absorption of oil resulting in softer, smoother, dry skin. Some popular and effective dry face masks for oil-, acne-prone skin include a clay mask or a turmeric based mask. Besides avoiding a shinier look and inhibiting production of sebum, these masks also help eradicating breakouts.

The Best Ingredients to Control Oily SkinSupplements for Oily Skin

If the sebum produced by your skin giving way to the breakouts like acne and pimples, consuming supplements of some skin-friendly vitamin will be extremely fruitful. Vitamin A is a wonderful skin vitamin that diminishes the sebum production and ensures a cleaner, healthier skin. Consuming carrot and sweet potatoes can also satisfy the need of skin-friendly vitamin in your skin bringing remarkable improvement in your skin condition,Helpful Ways to Reduce Sebum .