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Hands and Feet Care in Winter Months


Hands and Feet Care in Winter MonthsWhen it comes to winter skin care most of us neglect our hand and feet, focusing more on facial skin. It’s wrong approach however. Catering for hands and feet properly is as essential as facial skin care. Skincare tips for dry, dehydrated skin are all about removing dead skin that make your skin look dreary and lifeless and to keep your skin well moisturized.

There are several factors that cause your skin to get dry such as prolonged sun exposure, hereditary and settling on wrong skincare products etc. If you’re suffering from dry skin and seeking some helpful tips for relieving your skin condition, this article may prove helpful for you since it describes top five skincare tips for healthy, younger-looking skin.

Night treatment of Hands and Feet

Night treatment is extremely crucial for healthy, younger-looking feet and hands. prep your feet for repair and healing every night before you go to bed for sleeping. Night is the ideal time for the regeneration of new cells and recovery and healing of the skin and a proper night treatment can enhance the recovery process by two three fold.

You can use Vaseline for this purpose. Simply dab a liberal amount of Vaseline and gently massage it into the skin so it is completely sucked up by your skin. Get your hands and feet into a pair of cotton gloves and socks thereafter and leave overnight. You’ll find your hands and feet extremely soft and smooth next morning.

Exfoliate your Feet and Hands Regularly

Exfoliation is also imperative to soft, smooth feet and hands. If performed on regular basis, exfoliation treatment can bring a drastic change in your skin. Along with revitalizing the skin by sloughing off the dead skin, exfoliation treatment also help preventing callused, cracked feet and aged-looking hands.

Olive oil Treatment for Hands

If your hands are extra dry, you can soothe them by soaking in the mixture of water and olive oil. Add ½ cup of olive oil into a large bowl of warm water and soak your hands in it for at least fifteen minutes and then pat dry without rinsing.