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Hair Coloring Instructions & Tips for Coloring Your hair at home


Assembling all the ingredients and supplies available in the coloring kit at a spick and span place is the first and foremost tip in safe hair coloring. By doing so, you will reach them with ease. It is advisable to cover up the counter top and nearby floor with plastic slump cloths or newspaper to prevent floor to get spots of the color if it spills down. It is also recommended to treat the hair in an airy space to lessen your chemicals exposure.


Bring Together the Hair Coloring ItemsHair Coloring Instructions

Open the hair coloring kit and take out all of the stuff that is provided in it. Usually, an average kit contains coloring liquid, a developer and an instructions sheet. Some manufacturers, however provide plastic gloves and an applicator as well.

The other things you will need include a measuring cup, a bowl and an applicator brush if it isn’t provided in the kit. A variety of bowls is offered by the beauty suppliers that are specially formed for hair coloring purpose. Some of them have a cavernous spot for gripping with the thumb and some also have a rubber pad to prevent tipping and sliding. Another item these kits contain is a flat hairbrush with a rat-tail finish. This rat-tail end let you divide the hair into section with ease.colours bought at supermarkets and chemists come with step-by-step

While coloring, don’t let your hands come in direct contact with the color. It is possible if you don a pair of plastic gloves prior to start color your hair. If your color kit doesn’t contain the gloves, make sure to buy them separately. Hair Coloring Instructions,If your pocket permits you, also purchase a plastic cape to keep your clothes and skin from dribbles, spatters and spills.Make Your Hair Platinum Blonde

Perform a Strand Test

Performing a strand test is very necessary. It lets you preview what would be the ultimate look of your hair after coloring,Hair Coloring Instructions.

For performing a strand test only stir few drops coloring solution and 1-2 drops of the developer together. Then after, cut few tresses from anywhere that is unnoticeable. Wrap one end of the hair with some tape to keep them together. Then, dip free ends of the tresses into the mixture and wait for the time that is mentioned in the instructions sheet. When the time is over, take the strands out, rinse and dry them thoroughly. Have a look at the results; if you are happy with the results then go ahead to the next step,Hair Coloring Instructions.