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Hair Care & Get hair care advice at Total Beauty

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Homemade& Natural Care of Hair& Tips for Straight, Heavy and Curly Hair:

We should use very simple and homemade tips for shiny,pretty, and healthy hairs.We also use reasonable and good quality shampoo and conditioners for hair, so we can preserve our hairs by any chemical reaction:

Hair CareHair Care

Diet for the best care of hair.

Frequent usage of fresh vegetables and fruits can make your hair very attractive and charming hair also play an active role in the personality of a person either Man or Woman.

Hair Care Tips:

Directly Hair:
Shampoo cleansing and concern a clarifying gel once a week to avoid your hair to be unexciting aligned with the scalp where this can erect up buff-dull oil. It is the finest observe for directly hair.

Crimped Hair.

To shine for your hair sue of shampoo & conditioner is must. A best comb should be used for crimped hair, as it easily separates the crimped hair and it will not damage your hair.

Twisted Hair.
We should not use comb until the hair became dry naturally, after that we should use our fingers and fine hair conditioner with help of fingers. Never comb wet hair.

Hair care practices:
Every kind of hair you have, no matter. These tips can provide you the desired satisfaction by adopting these tips with regular basis.

  • Never combing wet hairs.
  • We should not use shampoo daily because the regular use of  shampoos can effect hairs chemically.
  • Always use healthful fruits and foods.
  • Daily use fresh oil in your hair but slowly.
  • Daily wash your hair with fresh water.

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