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Great Tips for Sandal-Ready Feet


Summer and sandal seasons come hand in hand. People love showing off their feet in this season by getting them into sandals but the first thing to rock sandals is to make your feet sandal-ready. If you haven’t prepared your feet and toenails for donning a pretty pair of sandal you’ve bought recently, get them prepared immediately. The tips to follow to get sandal ready feet are given here.

How to Make your Feet Sandal-Ready

Include steeping the feet in a mixture of warm water and a little tea tree oil in your regular foot care regimen if you want to get sandal ready feet. Besides leaving the feet soft and silky, tea tree oil also play role in removing foot fungus with it natural anti-bacterial properties. Ten-minute socking no less than one time in seven days can do wonders to your feet and toenails.

Another key ritual to prepare your feet for the sandal season is Exfoliation. Find out an exfoliant devised especially for feet to get best domino effect. Massage the exfoliant into your feet, paying close attention to the heels. This step will leave your feet and heels softer and smoother by removing the dead skin cells.

Moisturize your feet with your standard foot cream, preferably with alpha hydroxy acid, before bedtime daily. It will aid making your feet even smoother and silkier.

Clip your toenails regularly and file them on the top and on either side gently. File the nails in single direction to avoid breakage. Rub cuticle cream or oil into the cuticles and nudge them back with the help of orange stick.

Beautify your toenails with nail varnish to make them ready for sandal season. First take all the old nail color, oil and other impurities from the nail surface away with the help of nail enamel remover to create a clean palette for nail painting. Then apply a base coat, let it dry and put on two coats of nail polish of your preferred color and top it off with the application of top coat.

Now your feet are ready for the sandal season, get a pretty pair of sandals and show off your pretty feet.