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Gorgeous Mehndi Body Art

Gorgeous Mehndi Body Art

Full Body Mehndi Trend:

Gorgeous Mehndi Body ArtBody mehndi art and trend is very common now a days.

Most of the woman’s choice is making temporary tattos on their feet and the other parts of body like at the neck, both arms, legs, shoulders etc.

Making the Beautiful designs with Mehndi on the different parts of the body by The Women of  Pakistan and India is very ancient custom and old cultural habit.

The women of all categories of Pakistan and India love to made beautiful their hands by applying Mehndi in different ways and designs.

One or two days before wedding. Women, girls and children sing song while doing the custom. The art of applying henna on the hands and feet is known as Mehndi and it is a very old custom and art form of India.Bridal Mehndi at least hand it is important. The application of Mehndi on hands and ancient art, and definition, and the Asian continent, especially Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and is a very old art form.

Here we will see the various styles of applying the HENNA on the different parts of the body by the WOMEN.