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Golden Makeup For Brown Eyes


Best Eyeshadow for Brown EyesWe are going to create a very luxurious look today with bright gold shade and lots of mascara, and lashes are the highlight of that look and if you don’t have beautiful long thick lashes naturally then I will suggest you to try fake lashes and you will love the idea because they look so good with the entire look shell we start?Love glitter gold brown eye makeup

First of all you need to try a slightly darker look with that, even if you have super fair skin tone then I will suggest you to try some darker foundation or concealer and apply mineral bronzer with that too and if you feel that your skin is getting too dull then add some mist too cause it is a very exotic misty kind of look.Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

We will start with eyes now and we will apply base and lose power and then well groom the eye brows and you need to keep them slightly thick, even if you have too thin naturally, you can always use eye brow pencil to draw a thicker one, and then we will take light brown shade and blend in brows and blend well, now we will take light eye base and apply on the lid, not over the crease and under the lower lash line to get brighter look and then we will take bright Champaign shade and apply outer 1/3 of the lid and then blend it a bit and then take literally golden powdered form of eye shadow and apply on the inner lid, and apply very slightly on the tear duck too, but don’t blend already.Golden Wing Eye Make up

Now we will take smooth creamy looking brown shade and we will apply over the over V and blend it all over the crease and blend other two shades with that too, but not over the tear duck or under the lower lash line.

Now take the smooth brown eye pencil and apply a thick line under the upper lash and then apply some on the lower lash line too, but not all the way from one corner to other corner, just on the V over the lower lash line, now take black gel liner and apply a smooth wing over the upper lash line and then take white or badge eye pencil and apply on waterline and now finish the look with mascara, lots of mascara, better be dark black, but you can use dark brown too.

I hope you will like it and will give it a try.