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Glitter Mehndi For Mehndi Function


Glitter Mehndi For Mehndi Function6Few days back we were talking about what a bridal of mehndi suppose to do for her hand and her feet cause if she apply mehndi on her mehndi function it will be one day and night old on her wedding day which sound and seems odd and if she let her hands and feet nude and don’t use anything at all, she looks odd and uncompleted too, so what she should do and yesterday I saw something that made me really very happy and that was some mehndi design made with colored and beautiful glitters and we are sharing some simple design for you that you can try on your mehndi function and you can use them on other social gatherings too.
Glitter Mehndi For Mehndi Function1Glitter designs are very trendy and beautiful style to decorate your hands and feet and you and you can try artistic creativity of art up to any extend cause it does not leave the shade on your hand and if you are using it to make your hands and feet beautiful and shiny for the occasion then you can wash it off and you will see clean and beautiful hands without any shade and any mark and this is the thing which make it ideal for mehndi function, when you can use it in any shade and then wash it off in the morning for the mehndi design for your wedding.
Glitter Mehndi For Mehndi Function2Normally we used to use it with our mehndi designs to makes our hands and feet colorful and it look so good and so beautiful, but the pure glitter design look so good and there are a huge range of colors that you can use to and you can match it with your dress or you can use plain colorful or silver or golden design which look so sexy and so beautiful.
Glitter Mehndi For Mehndi Function4It is getting too famous and now you can get almost all of the colors in mehndi and glitter shops and they will give you a booklet too with that to get some inspiration for your design, but we are sharing some beautiful new fresh designs too that you can use to enhance the look of your beauty on your mehndi function and you can use pearls and beats with that too which will add the look in these designs
Best of luck:Glitter Mehndi For Mehndi Function5