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Glamorous Ways to Wear Gold


There are many ways to incorporate gold in your day-to-day wear, and as this is one of trendier color this season and for upcoming seasons too, perhaps you are trying to find new ways to wear gold. There is such a wide array of hues, styles and options available, you can wear gold even if you didn’t wear it earlier. A few fantastic ways to have gold as a feature are given;

Glam Gold Accessories

Glam Gold AccessoriesAccessorizing yourself with glamorous gold accessories is the first smartest way to incorporate gold. Gold accessories in variety of colors and items can be a great addition to your wardrobe as well as to your personality. For instance, you can just begin by donning ornaments such as chunky bracelets featuring complementary stones or fine chains etc. Other options include belts, purse and hair accessories.

Essential Eye Makeup

Gold eyes look really gorgeous. If you are in quest of something new, check out some gold choices. Add gold eyeliner to your lids, especially to the inside corners of top and bottom eyelids, to brighten up your eyes. Gold eyeshadows are gorgeous as well, especially when complementing shades of gold are used to create an effect. Gold powder can be great addition to your day time eye makeup look.

Solid Gold Shoes

If you’re in search of chic ways to sport gold, look at your feet! Gold shoes look incredibly gorgeous and a wide range of stylish golden shoes is on the market. All you need to do is to find a pretty pair of golden sandals and get a bright red, green or coral pedicure to stand out your toenails with gold shoes.

Gorgeous Gold Dress

Gold clothing is utterly astounding. You can go for subtle or vivid, ostentatious hues of gold whichever you love the most. Picking off a statement piece and keeping everything else toned down is the key to desired effect and look. A golden skirt with an off white or white shirt looks amazing! Gold denim with a black tank-top is perfect for a date, a night of dancing or an evening out.