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Get Younger Look With Makeup & Easy Makeup Tricks


What is the difference between older and younger skin. Younger skin look moisturized, flawless, transparent and smooth with natural shades and you never see the tones of make up on your face when you are young, cause you don’t have to and old age is absolutely opposite of that, you look dull, dry and a bit lose and it take ages to get rid of scars and it feel they go away in the morning, but you see them back in the evening, it is very frustrating and if you have to go somewhere important then here are some simple tips for you and I am hoping that you have understood the difference and the grounds we need to work on and I am hoping that you are using magnifying glass cause it is difficult to see the uneven skin and foundation or concealer blending with your old eyes;( you need to fix something, you need to admit it first.

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Here are some tricks that you need to use to get younger look.

Fabulous makeup to ide large poresSkip the Powder: – I can understand that you have been using it for ages, but it is not good for your anymore, it will sit in your fine lines and will make you look even older than you actually are, and if you want to have natural glow of your skin then you need to stick with liquidate foundation or concealer, even if you have oily skin, I bed you would be able to get something for your skin type , you need to get something lightweight and non-greasy and the best on which has sunscreen and silicone in it cause it will not only protect your skin, but help to look transparent too.

Creamy Pink BlushCreamy Pink Blush: – The basic way of applying the blush on is apply on your cheek apple, now as we age, our skin start losing down and by applying shade on these loose and falling apple, we actually show all of the eyes that we are getting old or we enhance the dark circle of our eyes, so throw out all of these powder blush ones, pick creamy blush and preferably rose pink or natural shade, you just need to use it on your cheeks and then blend it with your finger or sponge and it will give you perfect look.

Curl Your LashesCurl Your Lashes: – Give your eyes a perfect look with using perfect tools, curler your eyelash when they are wet, and use a bit hair dryer if you can, and apply mascara, never ever leave your home without that and you have to use eye brow powder to fill your eye brow too, use similar shade, Get Younger Look With Makeup,not too dark or not too light.

At the end, since you have celebrated your 30th birthday, avoid lipstick as much as you can, and if you have to apply, pay attention on pass, lines and foundation or concealer and the use the lipstick brush to apply it and in your day today life, use lip-gloss easy to apply and look so sexy,Get Younger Look With Makeup.