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Get Rid of Blackheads Tips


Acne is a very common physician treated skin condition over 85% adults and youngsters across the globe suffer from. Many of them carry on their skin problems well into old age. For the sake of keeping the things simple, majority dermatologists categorize acne into two groups: blackheads/whiteheads (comedones) and red bumps. The treatment of both acne’s is entirely different.

What Are Blackheads And Whiteheads?

These annoying skin tribulations are actually follicles with relatively wider openings. Plug, dead skin cells or sebum fill in these follicles. The material accumulated in the pores turn black after undergoing the melanin or oxidation. Whiteheads are also similar comedones but with somewhat smaller opening. Small opening doesn’t let the air reach the follicles for oxidation and therefore they remain white.

How To Prevent Blackheads

Regular caring is the key to an acne free clear skin. No such remedy is devised yet that can give you the desired clear complexion overnight, instead you need to be very consistent and patient if you want to get outcome. Use a skincare regimen, which can meet the requirements of your specific skin, regularly. After few days you will notice remarkable improvement in follicle health on your face. Previously it was a common belief that a major role in outbreaks is played by the diet so they used to cut down the diet, however, studies show that it isn’t true. Also avoid using oil based cosmetics if you are struggling to fight off acne and other breakouts.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads And Whiteheads

Popping up the blemishes to get rid of them or treat them isn’t a right way of treatment. Simply, consult a professional doctor and take the medicine he prescribes for your skin condition.

Dermatologists often recommend variety of treatments for blackheads and whiteheads including the following:

Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is a substance with antibacterial properties. It is its antiseptic nature that makes it an effective remedy for acne and blackheads. It acts by changing the inner layer of the hair follicles and thereby reducing the comedones blockage and decreasing the production of glands and oil secretion.


Ratin A, a derivative of Vitamin A, is the basis of medication for black and whiteheads. It plays role to throw away these pesky skin conditions by increasing cell turnover and ejecting any material that can cause pore clogging. However, those having sensitive should be extra careful while using it since it is harsh enough for sensitive skin.

Antibiotic Therapy

Topical as well as oral antibiotics are prescribed by the physicians if they feel whitehead and blackheads are infected. However, they would not help if an infection is present.


Accutane is often used to cure severe cystic acne and blackheads that do not respond to other medications. It has many side effects that might be quite serious; therefore it is advised to understand the risks before opting for this treatment option.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

Some over the counter medications such as Benzoyl peroxide, Salycylic acid, Alpha hydroxy acids and Sulfur as well offer relief from acne and other breakouts.