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Get Blemish Free Skin Overnight


Get Blemish Free Skin OvernightOur world is getting too polluted and too hot and both these things are very bad for our skin and for our look, we are getting too many skin and body issues, sun is very harsh, it has always been very harsh, but then we had ozone layer to protect us, but not anymore, the hole in the ozone layer is getting bigger everyday and it is making it too easy for sun to reach to us and give let its harmful and burning harsh rays hit us with all of the bad impacts, so we cannot use home remedies or tips that old wives use to use when they use to go out cause they never knew that sun can be that much harsh can killer, so now we are using some tips that a woman of modern age should use to get rid of all the bad impacts and issues of our skin and brown marks and blemishes are one of those.Get Blemish Free Skin Overnight1

Whenever you notice a blemish on your face wash your face with chilled water immediately and try to wash off all sorts of make up from your face and clean it thoroughly, wash your face with worm water and then use some face wash and then use muslin cloth to scarab your face and then splash some chilled water over your face and apply vitamin C serum over your face.

Keep old fashioned white toothpaste in the refrigerator all the time and as you see any brown mark on your face apply a moderate amount of past on your face immediately to cool down it and then start using a fairness cream which would haveĀ  vitamin C in it or you can try lime and olive oil for that.

Keep changing your pillow case every day or after every other day and try to keep each and every thing clean that touch your face including your cell phone or your make up brushes, keep them cleans and sanitized.

Keep a mixture or lime and cucumber juice in your refrigerator and keep spraying that on your face when you are in door and wash it off when you go out in sunshine.