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Four Surprizing Winter Skincare Myths

Four Surprizing Winter Skincare Myths

Four Surprizing Winter Skincare MythsSpeak of winter skincare and people bombard you with desi and videsi nuskas. But are you sure that they really work? Let’s check out four surprising winter skincare myths.

Myth 1: Warm water hydrates and soothes dry skin

Truth: Though it’s hard to resist warm-water shower in the chilly winter season, over indulging yourself in it can cause irreparable damage to your skin. Research has proven that over exposure to warm water dehydrates your skin. So, always try to ensure that you don’t soak yourself in hot water for more than five minutes. Moisturize your skin twenty minutes after taking bath to replenish the moisture to your skin.

Myth 2: Oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer

Truth: Oily skin also needs moisturizers as much as dry or combination skin. During winter, oily skin starts patching up. That’s why, it is vital to treat it with a suitable moisturizer at least twice a day—in morning and before going to bed. In addition t moisturizing the skin, moisturizer will also protect your skin from air pollutants and dust.

Myth 3: Sunscreen isn’t necessary in winters

Truth: One of the biggest winter skincare myths is that you don’t need to use sunscreen during wintertime since sunrays are not very intense in chilly weather months. It’s not true!!! Remember, down to the depletion of ozone layer, penetration of ultraviolet rays has been increased and even if there isn’t particularly sunny, these rays can damage your skin. So, always make sure to wear sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun.

Myth 4: Saliva is enough to moisturize the lips

Truth: There is a common misconception that saliva is enough to keep the lips hydrated and thus using lip balms isn’t vital. It’s not the case!!! Saliva is proven to have drying effects on the lips. It moisturizes the lips for a while but its long-term effects are bad for your pouts. So, invest in a quality lip-balm, preferably Vaseline-based one, and use it regularly to keep your lips well moisturized.