Home Make Up Foundation Makeup Tips for Choosing and Applying

Foundation Makeup Tips for Choosing and Applying

Foundation Makeup Tips for Choosing and Applying
Foundation Makeup Tips for Choosing and Applying
Foundation Makeup Tips for Choosing and Applying
Foundation Makeup Tips for Choosing and Applying

Foundation or base is one of the integral parts of the make. Here is a guide how to choose right foundation for your skin tone and skin type.How To Fake Perfect Skin

Who Should Wear Foundation?

The young girls think that use of foundation is necessary only for the middle-aged ladies, however, in fact the use of right foundation protects your skin from environmental damage and also plays role in keep it youthful for ling. Foundation as well as moisturizers are now available with SPF, so wearing foundation means you are also offering your skin protection from damaging environmental condition besides creating a base for the makeup application. Even young girls with clear skin can use a light, thinner foundation just for the SPF coverage it offers.

Skin Benefits of Foundation

Besides providing sun protection, foundation also offers additional moisturizing, which is highly beneficial for those who work or go to school in modern, climate-controlled buildings where the air is extremely dry. As enough moisture prevents pre-mature ageing, so this way foundation also helps fighting off ageing.

Purpose of Foundation

The main purpose of foundation application is correcting skin irregularity, reducing redness, hiding fine lines and generally providing an even base for your makeup. With a right shaded foundation you can solve the common problems such as pale or reddish skin. Those you want light coverage foundation and proper moisturizer with slight tint should opt for tinted moisturizer rather than a thicker foundation.

Sheer Foundation Options

Mousse or whipped makeup is the second lightest foundation after tinted moisturizer. It has added air that makes it go on lighter and thinner. It is a spray, simply puff some into your hand and put a sheer coat onto your face. It is an ideal choice for those who have dry skin that turns caked looking with thicker foundations and for those who want to get better control by covering on sheer applications of foundation.

Liquid Foundation Makeup Most Commonly Used Product

Liquid foundation is perhaps the most popular foundation type. If applied properly, in upward direction, it can help you prevent wrinkles and age lines. If you want to use the foundation as a concealer only, then apply it with a tiny brush in layers just in the needy areas.

Waterproof, Smudgeproof or Long Lasting Foundations

There are many waterproof formulas of foundation makeup available in market that claim to be resistant towards rain, sweat and water. This wide variety turns the task of picking the right one challenging. In fact, the liquid and even powder base makeup also contains waterproof materials like wax and oil. This type of foundation may prove harming for those with the sensitive skin. So, always try to find out waterproof foundation that contains organic ingredients.

Besides these, mineral foundation and cream-to-powder foundations are other option you can make a choice from according to your skin type and texture.