Formal and Semi-Formal Collection Embellished by Sadaf Amir 2012

Embellished by Sadaf Amir in 2012 and semi-formal collection was released. As the name states, the collection consists of semi-official and formal wear for women. You can wear them to graduation, parties, formal dinners, weddings and other similar cases. Dresses are decorated with sophisticated embroidery on the sleeves and the front.

Decorated by Sadaf Amir was created less than a year ago. In such a short time, she gathered a lot of fans. Her first collection in 2011 received very good response from the public. Exhibitions dresses were made in many places, the brand promise of quality, style and class to its customers. It promises to provide them with products that have a long life and treasure, that in the past.Formal and Semi-Formal Collection Embellished by Sadaf Amir 2012

Photos decorated Sadaf Amir in 2012, official and semi-official collection is presented below. Modeling was done Saima Azhar. Photo is Rizwan-ul-Haq and was made up Depilex. Just check out this amazing dress.

If you want to have any questions, please contact the designer through her Facebook fans page or e-mail.