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Foot Care Tips With Growing Age & Summer Foot Care Tips

Foot Care Tips With Growing Age
Foot Care Tips With Growing Age

Proper maintenance is the key to have utterly efficient feet even at the later ages of your life. No doubt, feet are that area of a human body which has to bear harsh physical maltreatment in the form of running; walking etc therefore they need extra care and attention.

Usually the foot related tribulations grow with the growing age. But, if you notice any abnormal symptoms on the feet during the young age, then don’t take them easy and follow different foot care tips and treatments for the restoration of lost health of feet. Along with restoring the health, these tips can render a much better look to your feet and alleviate the risk of any infectious diseases.

Foot Care Tips With Growing AgeFoot Care Tips

Fill half tub with lukewarm water and add mineral salts into it; now soak your feet in this water. Wait for ten minutes and then add lemon juice and few leaves of neem to it. Keep your feet soaked in that water for further few minutes, the neem, due to its antiseptic properties, will destroy all the damaging bacteria from the skin. Then after remove the feet from water and pat dry them,Foot Care Tips.Buy new shoes according to your foot size

Develop the habit of daily walk. Brisk walk is considered the best exercise for the legs that strengthen the foot muscles along with stimulating the circulation to the toes.

After spending the whole day outdoors, wash your feet with antibacterial soap and warm water. Rub the heels well to remove dead skin and any dirt accumulated on them. Then after, rinse the soap and pat dry the feet. Use foot sprays or scents to prevent unpleasant smell,Foot Care Tips.Foot Care Tips With Growing Age

If it’s quiet difficult for you to find time for giving pedicure regularly then at least ensure trimming and shaping the nails to appropriate length. It doesn’t take much time and you can do it in any free time. Be sure to utterly dry the feet before trimming the toe nails.

Wear clean stockings or socks and ensure changing them on daily basis. Avoid wearing extra tight and short stockings or socks since they deprive the pores from respire freely thus have damaging effects on feet.Foot Care Tips With Growing Age & Summer Foot Care Tips

Ankle Pump-Up: This exercise assists in promoting ankle dorsiflexion and strengthening muscles in the shin.

Bent Knee Wall Stretch: This exercise is helpful in stretching the calf muscle the soleus.

Toe Pick Ups: This workout improves the toes’ flexibility.