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Foot Care That You Get At Home


Foot Care Tips To Get BeautifulIf you think that you are using your feet too much and if you feel that all the burn of your own body is making your feet vulnerable and the stress of your body is making your feet acing then don’t ignore that, pay attention, no matter what part it is, it is your body and you need to look after that too, today I am going to give you  a new way of thinking and I am sure that this new perception would change your life completely cause it’s not too late to start caring for your feet.Useful tips for Women Foot care

Here are some simple steps that you need to do to get healthy and beautiful feet.
Buy couple of rubber cricket ball and use them on whenever you get time, now sit down and keep your feet on these ball and move your feet backwards and forwards over the ball in a regular motion and keep the pressure on your feet and that will not only stimulates blood circulation and massages aching muscles, but it will help your leg strain too.Foot care Useful tips for Women

If you suffer from poor circulation in your feet, then nothing is more relaxing then a tub full of worm salty water and if you don’t have any cut in your feet then add some apply cider vinegar too, and after that take a soothing lotion or a deep tissue oil and apply that all over your feet and rub for 5 minutes and then wear a pair of worm socks and put these on for half an hour and take a rest.Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

If your skin is getting dry and it is getting injured then take some worm castor oil and apply it all over your feet and then cover your feet with cotton sacks and then wash your feet with worm water and then apply a thick foot lotion.

Morning walk is very good, but never behave harshly on your feet, use the best jogging sinkers possible and stay with brisk walk and drink lots of water, but make sure you wash your feet after word and take some rest to your feet later on.

Rotate your ankles clockwise and anticlockwise for a fixed number of times and then give your legs and heels some stretch for 2 minutes every day, you can try twice a day.

Never buy bad or ill fitted shoes, love and look after your feet, you know it or not, you realize it or not, they are very important part of your body.