Foot Care – Beauty Care is Incomplete Without Proper Foot Care

Foot Care - Beauty Care is Incomplete Without Proper Foot Care
Foot Care - Beauty Care is Incomplete Without Proper Foot Care

Beauty care is incomplete without proper foot care. Feet are arguably the most functional part of a human body and they deserve relatively more care and attention than other parts because they bear the heft of the entire body. If properly cared, the feet feel fresh and healthy. Foot pain is not normal, so, if you feel persistent foot pain, don’t take it easy and visit a qualified podiatric physician as soon as it’s possible.

Check your feet on a regular basis. If you notice any alteration in tone and temperature of your feet don’t ignore it. Have a check on discolored or thick nails (an indication of fungus development), and also inspect for cuts and cracks in the skin. Any such growth on the feet is not a healthy sign. Rinse your feet regularly and then dry them completely. Avoid wearing the same shoe pair daily. In this way you will prevent the risk of fungal infection.

Pick the shoes according to the activity you are going to get engaged in. For instance, wear running shoes when you are stepping out for jogging. Do not wear the used up shoes; instead replace them with a new pair of shoes. The reason being, wearing the old shoes may cause several foot related problems such as foot fungus, toenail fungus, blisters etc.
Regularly exfoliate the foot skin to remove dead skin cells and hard skin from the feet thus to maintain their softness and smoothness. No doubt, walk is necessary to keep the feet fit, healthy and flexible but rest is also equally necessary for them. So, ensure giving break and rest to the feet after using them whole day.

If you are a diabetic patient visit a qualified podiatric physician for complete check-up at least one time in a year. Be careful while using home treatments for curing any foot disease since sometimes self medication turn the condition worse rather than healing it.