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Food With High Sodium


We are going to talk about some food that have some hidden ingredients including sodium in it, which means they are not healthy for you and they are not healthy for your system too.

If you think that you are eating healthy breakfast by eating some famous morning cereals of famous brands and famous companies, then you are wrong and you are eating unhealthy food that will harm you in long run, Actually they are loaded with unhealthy sugar and high sodium content, you would not believe that many famous brands have around 360 milligrams of sodium in a cup, so the best option for healthy breakfast is row oat and cook them at home and the best way of avoiding unhealthy cereals is cook at home for you and your family or look for those companies who mention low sodium on the packaging.

Food With High Sodium

Ready to eat Soup:- We know that life is getting too busy and we all look for something to eat that doesn’t require too much time and work and in that way we always go for ready to eat foods which are not healthy for you at all, they are loaded with hidden ingredients including lots of sodium ,normally a cup of ready to eat soup has 866 milligrams of sodium which is a horrible thing for your body, I bet you would not risk your life for saving a bit of time, cook for yourself.

Spices & Flavors:- I personally thing that adding spices is good than adding salt, it will keep you happy and will maintain a flavor for your dish too, but you  need to make sure that your spices are not loaded with sodium, now let me tell you that canned jalapeño peppers, caned spices and other ingredients are not good for you they contains almost 568 milligrams of sodium, so the best way of using these spice are natural form or use herbs or spices that are free from sodium, so you need to be a bit more careful now, healthy is something you cannot compromise with.

Low Sodium Foods

Nutty & Potato Snacks: – we all love to munch at some nuts and crisps, and the we all like to pick some packets when we go for grocery shopping, but have you ever thought that what are these things that make them yummy and salty and what are the reasons they stay fresh and crisp even after months of packing? Well they all have lodes of sodium which make them salty and fresh, every 30 grams of nuts contains 230 milligrams of sodium and 30 grams of crisps are equal of 258 milligrams and 385 milligrams of sodium, Stop killing yourself.