Five Makeup Tricks To Plump Up The Lips & Lips Plumping Makeup Tips

Five Makeup Tricks To Plump Up The Lips & Lips Plumping Makeup Tips
Five Makeup Tricks To Plump Up The Lips & Lips Plumping Makeup Tips

Women love to have fuller, larger and lushly lips and those with thin lips always look forward to learn some tricks through which they can get the desired plumper lips. If you are one of those women, your search would be definitely stopped here as we have come up with five makeup tricks to plump up the lips. Give these tricks a try; if you find them helpful.

Pick the Right Lip Shade

The application of right shade of lipstick can give you fuller looking lips instantly. Though the results are temporary but it’s an entirely natural way to get plumped pout. Bright shades of nudes and pinks are ideal lipstick shades for accomplishing this. Avoid dark shades such as deep berries or fiery reds as these shades render thinner look to your lips. One advantage associated with the use of these dark shades is that they make the teeth seem whiter.

Inflate the Lip Shine

Another cosmetic that can help you to get the look of plumper lips is lip-gloss. You can put it on the tops of the lipstick or you can apply a tinted lip gloss as an alternative of lipstick.

Use Eye Shadow

If the lip gloss is not readily available, use somewhat glittery eye shadow or blusher to plump up the lips. A little amount of eyeshadow applied just at the center of top lip is enough.

Boost Lips’ Appearance with Lip Liner

Though many females don’t use lip-liner today, but it is something that can help you a lot when it comes to enhance lips’ appearance. Using a lip-liner, you can easily and effectively extend the natural lip-line. For this, hide the natural lip-line with the help of makeup foundation and subtly draw new lip-lines using the liner. It is advisable to use neutral or light-colored lip-liner while trying the trick.

Lip Plumping Products

The last trick you can try to plump up the lips is to use the products that are formulated for this purpose. Variety of lip plumping glosses, sticks, gel, lipsticks and balms are on the market today. Majority of these contain ingredients ginger mint, capsicum, wintergreen or cinnamon which swell the lips mildly by promoting blood flow to the lips and thereby make the lips look fuller.