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Few Tips To Keep In Shape| How to Stay Fit at Home


Abdominal Exercises, Easy Exercise Tips, Simple Exercises to StayThere are few things that almost all of us know, we all know that if you eat bad food then you will get a bad body and if you eat smart then you get a smart body, as one of my all time favorite teacher use to say, you want to become big and large, eat big and large meals, want to become potato, eat potato;) but if you want to look beautiful  and healthy then you need to see if you are eating right kind of food and if you are eating proper way according to your daily mineral and  vitamin  requirements or not and with that there are some simple tips that you might find interesting and affective too in the race of losing weight and getting ample amount of healthy aliments.How to Stay in Shape Effortlessly,How to Stay in Shape When You Can't Work Out

1-Always start your day with a chilled glass of water, better if you add honey or ACV in it.

2-Try to eat something healthy after you wake up and if you have time then, kick start your metabolism with a healthy and light workout and if you are not sure what to do then just go for a intense run for 30 minuets.

3-Make efforts to eat some sort of uncooked, cold salads in between main meal and take lemonade or water with ACV with that and if you are eating that one hour prior to your food then take 2 glasses of water with that and make it chilled and use transparent glass, it will actually help your metabolism rate.

4-Say a big No on ready to use store-bought dressings or better still they are not good for you and you actually don’t really know what you are eating when you add that in your homemade food, try to make your own food with your own hand and if you really have to ad dressing in your salad then make one with your own hands with olive oil and lemon or whatever you like to add.

5-Have you ever tried olive oil with organic diner role? That is a meal starter in Rome and they consider it a healthy appetizers, and I would say that it is one of the most healthy ways to get vitamins and minerals and at the same time consume good fats that will help you flush out the bad fats, so give it a try, but just take one tablespoon oil with three inches whole grain diner roll with that and see if your body work for you.

6-Drink lots of water throughout the day, I am not saying that you should drink 8 glasses or 14; I am just saying that you need to drink lots of water and keep adding more quanta and you will actually see that your body will start flushing out the bad toxic really soon.

7-Eat 6 meals a day, including three snacks and 2 cups of tea or coffee and if you want to avoid caffeine then nothing is better than green tea for you.

8- Sleep well and enjoy whatever you eat, I am not against of your favorite things, but they are really not good for you.

Best of luckHow to Stay in Shape