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Fast Fixes For Beautiful Winter Skin

Fast Fixes For Beautiful Winter Skin

Fast Fixes For Beautiful Winter SkinWinter is one of the worst seasons for skin since the chilly days bring uncomfortable dryness to your facial and body skin. For some people, this skin dryness leads to some other serious issues like flaking, cracking and even eczema. The key to healthy winter skin is to provide an additional fence between it and the elements, while letting the skin breathe and get enough moisture from air.

While most of the must-performed winter skin rituals are time consuming and forgoing these rituals means inflicting intentional damage to your skin, there are a few quick fixes too that don’t take much time and effort and produce outstanding results. Take a look at these fixes.

Skin flaking and peeling is perhaps the common skin-related issue people face during winter. These flaks are the result of skin drying out, but can be easy fixed. Start off by removing the maximum possible dead skin with the help of your pumice stone or nylon net scrubber. Then, work a rich moisturizer to the area and cover it with a cotton cloth. If cotton cloth isn’t readily available, make the reapplication of moisturizer every two hours. You can use lotion or oil for moisturizing purposes.

Another winter skin complaint is dry lips. This problem can be easily fixed with a wax based lip product such as lipstick or lip-balm. If, however, you want an all-natural solution to the problem, you can try a dime-sized portion of cooking oil, butter or margarine. Apply a thin coat any of these ingredients onto you lips with the help of your fingertips. This will create a protective barrier against the harsh climate, and will also help resort the oil that your lips would naturally produce.

Many people also experience cracked heels in the winter. Main culprit behind this issue too is dry air, which causes this skin to dry out. To prevent the condition, install a warm-mist humidifier in your bedroom to keep the inside air moist. Also treat your feet with a rich foot cream or moisturizing lotion and cover the up with pair of socks before going to bed. This will lock moisture in you skin and thus will prevent future damage.