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Fascinating Holiday Makeup


Día de los Muertos – how to create the ultimate makeup lookWe will start with base and I am using three shades darker foundation with perfectly mat concealer to get a classy dusky look and then blend well, make sure you use double shade of foundation or concealer darker on for smooth wet worm cotton towel-zone and the lighter one on the cheeks and then blend well and then apply transparent lose powder to finish the base.Why Do Women Wear Makeup

Now we will create Classic Navy Smokey Eye with Glitter and for that you need to start with liquid primer to keep thing on place for whole day and night, we will apply the primer on the lid and a bit around the eye too, way before the foundation or concealer and then we will apply a lighter shade of foundation or concealer under the eye and some over the lid too to keep things look bright and fresh look.Makeup by Bing Castro

Now we will apply black gel liner to the lid and then start blending it very gently slightly past the crease and below the lower lash line, but you need to use thin brush under the lower lash line cause we don’t need a thick line there, but you can blend well over the upper lash lid, now take some navy eye shadow with flat brush and blend out the edges with it and use wiper motions to smoke out the shadow in the crease.This is the 3rd HOLIDAY makeup tutorial I created for 2013

Now take a bit darker shade and apply at the outer corner and blend it well, we need to add some dramatic touch there, now take the brightest and the glittery powdered gold eye shadow and apply over the brow bone and blend with the crease shadow for more smokiness and you can tab apply over the day too, but not too much, gray and gold does not look too good, now take the darker black gel liner and apply the rips of eyes and apply over the top and bottom lash lines and connect the inner and outer corners like the cat eye and then extend the outer wing and inner tear duct too.This is a great look to try this holiday season.Holiday Makeup Looks

Now apply mascara and lose silver glitter to the inner corner, apply and then rub well and now we will come to lips, I am not apply blush on, but I did contour my face though, I am using pretty hot red lipstick and I use matching lip liner first and then apply lipstick to keep it look perfect.