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Faiza Samee Lawn Collection 2012 by Alkaram Textiles


Only a few days after the release Alkaram Eid Collection 2012, Alkaram returned from Faiza Sami turf collections in 2012. This is a series of designer lawn Alkaram. It is also a collection of premium lawn. Faiza Sami costumes in the 2012 lawn collection are made up of dupatta, Shalwar and shirt fabrics.

Many additional services, such as sleeves, border and panels are also included in the outfits. These meetings are also well suited to be worn on Eid. You can also wear a dress with Faiza Sami turf collection of 2012, as they are very elegant. It really is a different pleasure of Eid Alkaram.

Alkaram textiles is a very famous company supplying all kinds of fabrics. It has been operating since several decades, and now it provides tissue to the people of Pakistan and many other countries around the world. Thousands of people around the world have become fans of his clothes.

Now, let’s take a sneak peek at the collection Faiza Sami turf in 2012. Some of the photos released Alkaram studio below.