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Facial Exercises To Prevent Sagging Skin

Facial Exercises To Prevent Sagging Skin

Facial Exercises To Prevent Sagging SkinA droopy, sagging face tends to add years to your face, making you appear older than your actual age. If you speak about the issue to someone, everyone will present you with their own theory on the best way to prevent or reduce wrinkles and loose skin. But a simple, traditional way to maintain the youthful seem of your skin is to practice daily facial exercises.

If done properly, facial exercises really helps lift and revitalize sagging skin. Here are given a few simple and easy facial workouts to prevent skin sagging.

  • After doing toothbrush in morning, puff up mouth with air and then release it gradually. Repeat the process 4-5 times. It is a great exercise for toned and glowing cheeks.
  • Taking your mouth left and right, with closed lips of course, three to four times is an effectual workout for stretch the muscles around the mouth and lips.
  • To make your brows feel relaxed, pull them up, hold on for 10 seconds and then hold them down for the same duration. Repeat twice or thrice. This facial exercise will also tone the muscles as well as prevent the formation of mild lines around this specific area.
  • On the temple, place your index and middle fingers on just above your eyebrows and exert a light pressure on them. Release and repeat five to six times.
  • Using thumbs of both your hand stroke your chin upward. It will help minimizing the double chin.
  • To relieve stress from your facial muscles, exerting slight pressure, move your fingers in the upward direction from the lower part of your eyes to the sides of your forehead.
  • If your cheeks are flat and you want fill them, you can do it with an easy workout. Simply fill your mouth with air and release it gradually as you while filling air in balloon.
  • Tapping the face slightly and slowly with fingertips helps increasing blood circulation.