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How to Apply Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas For Your Eye Shape

Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas

Eyes part of the personality that can attract the attention of anyone. While the make-up is a big problem to deal with eye makeup. Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas ,If eye makeup is done carefully and correctly the rest of the make-up like a piece of cake.In this article you will find the best eyeshadow makeup ideas for your eye shape how each person have a different shape of the eye, so that should be treated accordingly.

Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas

Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas
The almond-shaped eyes, almond-shaped eyes are the easiest to deal with. You can try almost any eye shadow tip to make them look beautiful. Use colorful shades eyes on top of the eye to make eyes look bigger opening. Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas ,You can play with neon colors and other bright colors like pink, purple, green, red and others. Then apply the eyeliner in any style you want, but it is recommended to use it in the top row of eyelashes for a great look.

Deep Set EyesDeep-set eyes: deep-set eyes should be treated in such a way that they have to look wide open. Use light colors on the lid to make it pop out. Then apply a marker near the lash line, mix it up and use a warm color under the brow.Close-set eyes

Close-set eyes: Close set eyes are the ones that have a very small distance between the two eyes. Girls with this form of the eye to follow eyeshadow tip, in which the inner corners of the eyes are a light shade, like white, silver, and used on the exterior of the dark eyeshadow. It will bring attention to the outer part and make your eyes look wider apart.

Wide set eyesA wide set of eyes: How almond-shaped eyes are wide-set eyes, too, are very experimental. We are mainly afraid of the dark eye shades help, but those with this form of the eye can apply any color they want to apply. Since there is a large distance between the eyes dark shades can be used to improve the inner corners of eyes.

Bulging EyesBulging eyes: It’s difficult to handle protruding eyes, you have to learn eyeshadow tutorials to deal with them, because the use of too light a shade make them more prominent using dark make them more visible. Use bright colors instead of dark or light eye colors. Apply a shadow on the upper eyelid and the eye a little bit under the lower lash line, to balance the look and move attention.

roopy Eye Makeup Droopy eyes makeupDroopy Eyes: These are the types of eye to the presence of external angles of incidence down. You will find this form, the most common in older women, but some women have this form Droopy eye from birth. Keep the outer corner of the eyes are very light, so moving the focus from the corners, thus reducing the effect of the eye drop. Focus on the top of the eye, where you can use colorful hues. Apply Style Cat eye eyeliner for lifting up the outer corner.