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Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes & Eye Makeup Tips


Eyes are one of the most noticeable facial features, that’s why every woman becomes more conscious about her “eye make” when she gets ready for a special event or wearing makeup in routine. The right selection and application of eye makeup can give you a gorgeous and desirable look but applying perfect eye makeup is an art,Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes.

Eye Makeup IdeasEye Makeup Ideas

There are many factors which you should keep in mind while applying any kind of eye makeup. Especially your eye color and the color of the dress that you are wearing are two main factors that should be considered before applying eye makeup,Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes.Blue eye makeup Makeup Manual For Beautiful Blue Eyes

While the occasion, season and time (day or night) also could not be neglected. The color of your hair as well as skin tone also is vital while deciding the eye makeup shade for blue eyes. Here are some tips on how to select and apply perfect Eye Makeup Ideas for Blue Eyes.

Blue Eye Makeup LooksEyeshadow

Choosing an accurate eyeshadow for blue eyes is really a challenge as while picking an eyeshadow, you have to select the shade, which not only highlights the blue color of your eyes but also give them a gorgeous look. Orange based shades like copper, rust, peach and bronze can be proved an impeccable choice for blue eyes makeup. If you are not willing to pick orange based shade, then go for black as this eyeshadow will give you a smoky eyed, dramatic look.

Eyeliner for Brown EyesEyeliner

Accurate eyeliner selection is such important, while applying a perfect eye makeup for blue eyes. Remember, light eyeliner colors make the blue eyes look dull so you should avoid the light shade of eyeliner. Instead you can pick up dark colors such as dark blue, charcoal, brown, and black eyeliner for blue eyes.

Mascara for Blue EyesMascara

Eye makeup is still considered imperfect without curling and coating lashes by mascara. If you have blue eyes, then you should go for dark blue mascara instead of the regular black as it will highlight your eye color stunningly.