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How to Take Care of Your Eyes

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eye careEyes are the greet gift of God,but we r too much careless about the care of our eyes.Eyes are the most and precious organ of human body, if a man does not pay attention to his eyes he is not fair with himself.
Now i would like to give some eye care tips of daily life routine which are very easy to adopt.Eye Care Tips

We should use natural things for the care of our eyes,and strict herbs prescriptions that are very sporting for eye care.
Very easy to get and use.

we should use cotton pads dipped in rose water at night for 15-20minutes 3,4 times in a week.Homemade Eyes Dark Circles Removal Tips

We should use honey and almond oil for the health of eyes,there are so many easy methods to use such tips for the best care of our eyes.

Every night we should wash eyes with the rose water at the time of sleeping,by the regular usage of rose water and almond oil we can make our eyes health,cleen and attractive.

The small pieces of cucumber are also helpful for eyes to look beautiful.