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Exercise And The Woman’s Advantage Diet

Exercise And The Woman's Advantage Diet10

Exercise And The Woman's Advantage Diet10First, let me say that you don’t have to exercise when you fallow the Woman’s Advantage Diet. You will lose weight without exercise. Then let me add that if you do exercise , you will lose body weight faster, because exercise burns up body fat. I can’t tell you exactly how many more pounds you will lose, because that depends on how frequently you exercise and the type of exercise you do. However, I can tell you that you will lose anywhere from 10 percent to 20 percent more weight during each cycle if you combine the diet with exercise.


Why You Should Volunteer

Exercise is strictly a volunteer activity when you’re on the Woman’s Advantage Diet, but you should opt to do it because:

  • As I’ve said, exercise burns up body fat, and you’ll lose weight faster.
  • Moderate exercise can decrease the appetite.
  • Exercise can lessen food cravings.
  • Exercise affects metabolism and will help you keep weight off after you’ve lose it.
  • Exercise will make you look better as flab is replaced by muscles and connective tissue.
  • Exercise reduces stress and worry, and this helps eliminate anxiety induced eating.
  • Exercise makes you feel better about yourself, and it will help you stop looking to food for comfort.
  • Exercise is great for the cardiovascular system.
  • Exercise can lower cholesterol.
  • Exercise is a great shield against osteoporosis.


Exercise And Your Premenstrual Phase

You will find exercise most beneficial to your weight loss efforts during the premenstrual phase of your cycle. If you plan to do a limited amount of exercising, I strongly recommend that you do it during this phase.  Exercise at this time works in conjunction with your natural hormones to help you shed pounds even faster.

Exercise will also help rid you of  PMS  symptoms.  You’ll see that food cravings, angers and irritations will lessen, and aches and pains  will disappear even more quickly when you combine exercise with the Woman’s Advantage Diet.

When  I describe the marvelous  results  of  diet  and  exercise  during  the  premenstrual  phase,  I’m  frequently  asked to recommend  “the best exercise”  for this phase.

There  is no best exercise!  All exercise works equally well at this time.  You can walk,  do  calisthenics,  swim,  jog—whatever you prefer.

Any  exercise  will  help  you  lose  weight,  and  the  good  news  is  that  the  exercise  doesn’t  have  to  be  strenuous.  Walking  twenty  minutes  each  day  during  the  premenstrual phase  will  improve  weight  loss  just  as  much  as  a  fast  game  of  racquetball.  The  important  thing is  to  emphasize exercise  during  you  premenstrual phase.

I  don’t  see  how  you  can  resist  exercising  during  your  premenstrual phase  when  you  know  it  will  rid  you  of  weight  and  many  of  the  troubling  symptoms  of  PMS  as  well.