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How to Apply Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial

Simple Everyday Makeup

Simple Everyday MakeupHow to Apply Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial . I personally think that one should look human and super natural during day to day life and should not use super colorful shads, I know that we all love to apply colors on our lids, but that Tutti Frutti look is a very no no for a day to day look, one should have a look which take no more than 5 minutes and you look beautiful  too and the look I am creating today for you is a very easy and beautiful neutral look which you can wear everyday to school or work and it will make you look beautiful  too, normally we pick super pale shads for everyday makeup look, but today I am using a slightly rich shade too to make my daily makeup more dramatic for evening time, and I am using some highlighter too to add intensity in your eye shadows.

Every Day Makeup TutorialBeginners Everyday Makeup Tutorial

First of all you need to take some steam, I normally try a 5 minutes steam every day, people say that you should steam your face just twice a week, but I have been trying that for years and I am pretty happy with the results, well after that I take a smooth wet worm cotton towel and cover my face with it for one minute and then rub my face with the same towel and it will smooth down your face and it look more clean and clear too, after that take some mild scrub and exfoliate your skin, then we will take muslin cloth and soak it  in chilled water and rub very smoothly all over your face, it will make your foundation or concealer last longer and keep your skin oil free too, then we will come to foundation or concealer.Holiday Party Makeup Tutorials

I don’t use foundation or concealer during day to day, I prefer tint moisturizer or BB Cream and then we will apply some lose powder to get smooth look, now we will take plain eye primer and apply all over the lid  and blend well, I don’t use concealer if I don’t need to, if you don’t feel good about your eye brows then you can groom them with eye shadow, but don’t make things too perfect, it would not look natural, then we will take silver highlighter and we will apply it all over the lid and blend till it look natural.Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Now we will take the lightest pale yellow shade and apply right on the lid and blend well, but don’t let it go over the crease and then we will take a peach shade and will apply right on the crease with small brush and we will blend it well to deepen the crease and blend well, now take the same peach shade with small brush and apply a very small amount under the lower lash line and blend with big fluffy brush to make it look natural.How to Apply Simple Every Day Makeup Tutorial

Now we will take pure silver highlighter and apply right over the brow bone and blend well and apply the same shade under your lower lash line on the inner corner of your eyes too, take black liquid line and line your upper lash line, you can line your water line and tightline too, but I am not applying too much shade on my eyes so it look fine if I am not applying too good liner or applying lien on water line and then we will apply mascara.Natural simple makeup tutorial

Normally I don’t use blush every day, but if you feel uncompleted without that then you and apply some on your cheeks and use super natural shade for your lips.

Best of luck