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Essential Oils For Your Beautiful


Essential Oils For Your BeautifulWe were talking about the beauty benefits of essential oils and we are going to continue the same topic.

Tea Tree Oil is very concentrated plant and it has some magical plant and natively it is from Australian coastal areas and it can treat almost all kind of skin issues and if you are living in some hot areas then it will not only deal with your skin, but it is very good for sunburn and other skin issues too you can use it directly on your chapped lips, cracked heels, dry skin and aging skin and combine 3 drops of tea tree oil with 2 tbsps of yoghurt or oatmeal and water and apply over your face every third day and you will see how marvelously it will deal with your oily skin.Essential Oils For Your Beautiful1

Bergamot is basically a aromatic healer and it has very soothing and very beautiful smell that can make you feel so cool and cam even if you have so many tensions and issues in your life, the aroma is very rich, exotic, fresh and sweet and make you feel so uplifting and stimulating and make you feel so fresh, it is best thing that you can use to get relieve in muscle tension and it is very good for massage your body and head for soothing impacts,  and you can make your own acne solution by mixing one part bergamot with five parts aloe vera gel and apply this twice a day and you will see some pealing, but it is a part of a treatment.

Here are some simple tips to use essential oils.

Before you start using any kind of essential oil on your skin, you need to try that on your patch before and if you see any kind of rash or irritation then don’t use it no matter how  good it is and how many good impact it has.

Essential oils are highly concentrated so try to mix and match it with something else too and if you think that it is good then you can use it on regular basis, but make sure you are using some carry oil with that too, make sure you are know how to blend essential oils and you need to learn which carrier oil and which essential oil can be work together.

The use of essential oils in pregnancy is not recommended, don’t use it no matter what is the purpose and which oil you are using, don’t eat it at all even if you don’t have any allergic reaction with that oil there are a huge possibility that your baby get this allergy, you can apply on your skin though for stretch marks….
Best of luck.