Essential Face Packs For Skin Whitening & Natural skin whitening

We Asians love fair and smooth skin then everything else, we not only like to have fair skin, but we love to look after it too and we are freakishly fan of natural things and we use home remedies and homemade natural things to get desired looks and this is what I am sharing today, homemade safe and natural mask to get fairer skin.

Essential Face Packs For Skin WhiteningTop Two Acne Scar Removal Treatments at Home

Milk Powder & Lemon Juice Face Pack: – Lime is one of the most famous things that you can try to get transparent and fair skin, lime is very strong bleaching and cleaning agent, it not only can help you to deal with your scars and tans, but if you mix it with milk the it would become the best pore and deep skin cleansing too and this is a very best combination for your skin, mix milk powder with a juice of lime and make a smooth past of it and then apply that over your clean and washed face for 15 minutes and then scrub it off and wash with lukewarm water and use the muslin cloth and scrub it off and try this mask 4 times a week.

Homemade Oatmeal Face Mask for AcneOatmeal & Sour Curd Face Mask: – Oatmeal is very good for skin and it has millions of benefits of it and when you mix it with sour curd then it becomes the leather combination for scar and tan and for that you just need to make a smooth and very fine powder and mix it with sour curd and make a smooth past and apply that all over your face for 20 minutes and then scrub it off and wash your face with running water for 5 minutes,Essential Face Packs For Skin.

 Potato Pulp Natural Face PackPotato Pulp Natural Face Pack: – We know that lemon juice is very good for your skin, but you cannot underestimate the power of potato for fair skin too as it is loaded with the bleaching properties and the beauty of the this agent is it is very mild and it not as harsh as lime and you can use the slices of potato on your face or you can use potato juice or potato pulp  on your face too, you don’t need to add anything in it and keep it on your face for 20 minutes every day and wash with chilled water and it will make you fair and will treat any kind of scars too,Essential Face Packs For Skin.

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