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Enhancing Face Shape With The Use Of Blusher

Enhancing Face Shape With The Use Of Blusher

Enhancing Face Shape With The Use Of BlusherUsually an underestimated makeup product, blusher can add subtle warmth to your skin and help to create strong definition. If applied properly keeping your facial structure in mind, a blusher can alter your face shape by contouring the cheeks and contiguous areas. Here are some easy blushing techniques to emphasize your best features.

Oval Face

Oval tends to be the idea face shape. Those with oval-shaped face have wider forehead and narrow oval chin and they can pull off virtually any style—from haircut to blush strokes. If you’ve oval face, enhance your cheeks with a dash of blusher. With your fluffy blush-brush, dab a tad of color on your cheeks and blend it upwards towards your temples.

Round Face

With fuller, wider cheeks and round chin, a circular face needs vertical lines to slenderize it. If you’ve round face, don’t apply blusher directly on your cheekbones or you’ll end up with even fuller-looking face. Rather apply your blusher in a sideways V on your cheek apples and blend upwards towards your ear.

Square Face

If the width of your forehead, cheeks and jawline is almost the same, this means you’ve a square face. You can employ blusher to soften your harsh facial features and bone structure. To soften your square face, apply blusher on your cheek apples and blend it toward your temples. Also dab a little product to your forehead and chin to soften the square-angle of the face.

Diamond Face

A diamond face has somewhat broader forehead and cheeks that taper to a slimmer chin. Enhancing a diamond face is quite easy as you’ve a nice, pronounced bone structure and all what’s needed is to soften the pointed edges. Starting from the outer part of the cheek apples, sweep the color inwards. Also shade the corners of the forehead to draw attention away from the upper part of the face.

Long Face

If your forehead is as wide as the cheeks and jaw are, then you’ve a long or rectangular face. Your aim should be to make your face appear shorter and broader. Apply blush on cheek apples just underneath the outside corners of your eyes and blend it outward towards the ears in a horizontal manner.