Enhance your Blue Eyes Beauty with Accurate Eye-shadow

Enhance your Blue Eyes Beauty with Accurate Eye-shadow
Enhance your Blue Eyes Beauty with Accurate Eye-shadow

Eye makeup is an important aspect of facial makeup. Choosing the right eyeshadow for the right eye color, plays a significant role in enhancing the beauty of your blue eyes. Here are some tips to apply eyeshadow for blue eyes and to choose the color of eyeshadow for blue eyes.

Choosing right eyeshadow for blue eyes

An eyeshadow can make a huge difference making your eyes look more attractive. When it comes to eyeshadow for blue eyes, stick to colors that are in contrast with your natural eye color. Choose colors such as Taupe, Dark brown, Black, Charcoal, Lilac, Violet, Silver, Gray, Camel, Gold, Pink and Copper.

Shades of violet like violet and lavender render a brighter and vibrant look to your eyes as well as face. For a more dramatic and smoky look, try silver or turquoise. Shades of bright brown will just complement well their blue eyes and enhance the beauty of their eyes. Green eyeshadow is also a good choice for the blue eyes. Shades of blue like deep blue, purple, taupe, violet or even gray can give a more natural look to your eyes.

Four easy Tips to Apply Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

  1. Always apply eyeshadow using two or three shades. These shades must be blended with each other perfectly. Choose one color and use shades of this color.
  2. Start with the darker shade at the crease of the eyelid. Apply the lighter shades as you continue towards the eyebrow and use neutral colors on the brow bone.
  3. To make your eye makeup stay for a longer time, you can apply primer at the base of the eyeshadow and then apply the eyeshadow.
  4. If you want to draw maximum focus on your beautiful blue eyes, you should keep rest of the makeup minimum. Like apply neutral shades on your lips and cheeks.