Emo Makeup Cool Punk Fashion Tips and Techniques

Emo Makeup Cool Punk Fashion Tips and Techniques
Emo Makeup Cool Punk Fashion Tips and Techniques

Emo makeup is a latest trend for those fascinated by the punk fashion advance scene. It is actually the combination of Goth and rock styles. Today everyone, regardless of their gender, is engage in application of emo makeup. Besides makeup, people also love to carry the emo style with their hair, music, clothing and even their way of thinking. No doubt, Emo is a way of living. If you don’t know how the emo makeup is applied properly, use the below given techniques and look cool and very “emo”.Emo Makeup Tutorial And Tips

Girl Emo Makeup Style Trends

Matte Foundation Makeup – Matte looking face is the essence of emo-styled makeup. To create the matte look, put powder or foundation on the face using a sponge. Blend it well until it is evenly distributed over the face and you get the desired matte look. Apply a little blush onto the cheeks to add little color to your personality. Be sure not to overdo it as emo makeup does not focus on blush. Your eyes should be the focus of attention while creating emo look.

Emo Eye Shadow Shades – Now start eye makeup, first coat your entire lid with a base color of silver, light beige or pearl. Then after, pick your accent eyeshadow color. For creating Goth emo look, pick off a dark color like black, navy or plum. For retro emo look, opt for a neon color like neon green, pink, yellow or orange. Put this accent color on your eyelid area only. Be sure not to extend the color to your brows.

Dark Eye unemployed bad credit loan Liner – Next step is eyeliner application. You can employ either pencil or liquid eyeliner in a dark-black or navy shade. Apply the first coat of eyeliner, on both upper and lower lash line from inner to the outer corners of your eyes. Curve it slightly upward at the outer corner to add extra flair. Apply another coat in the same way to get a thick line. For added “emo” charm, apply another line under the black line on your bottom eyelash area with a neon colored eyeliner.

Mascara is a Must – After you have done cash flow system with the eyeshadow and eyeliner, apply 2-3 coats of mascara. Don’t forget to curl the lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara. Apply first coat, let it dry up and then apply the second one.

Pale or Nude Lip Color – Lip are not supposed to be heavily colored in emo makeup. Rather, use a pastel or no credit check military loans nude gloss on the lips to draw your overall emo look to a close.Emo Makeup Tips for Girls,Emo Makeup Tutorial And Tips

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