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Effective Makeup Tricks for Fat Faces

Effective Makeup Tricks for Fat Faces

Effective Makeup Tricks for Fat FacesEvery individual has distinct facial features. Some have thin and long while others have rounded and chubbier one. Those with chubby or fat face always seem unsatisfied with their facial structure and always look for some useful ways through which they can draw others’ attention away from their flashy face.

So, I have pulled together a few makeup tricks for all the choppy-faced gals out there. Give them a go; I am sure you’ll find them helpful enough to achieve the desired look for your face.

Intense Eye Makeup

One of the key ways to call attention off your chubby face and thus play it down a bit is by emphasizing the eyes more. This can be easily done with bolder eyeshadows teamed with black eyeliner and mascara. For added emphasis you may want to extend the liner a little so as to create cat-eye effect. This will make your eyes look larger and wider, making them the main focus of attention.

Darken Your Eyebrows

Darker, well-groomed eyebrows also have enough share in highlighting your eyes and thus minimizing the imperfections. If your brows are not dark enough, do darken them with a black eyeshadow or an eyebrow pencil. Don’t forget shaping the brows before darkening them.

Blusher Basics

While blusher is the most underestimated cosmetic product and most ladies don’t love wearing it, it can be extremely effective in making your face appear toned and well-defined. You can go for a pink or peachy blusher. Explore your cheekbones by smiling in front of the mirror and then apply blusher using firm, brisk strokes. This way, your cheeks will be highlighted without looking too heavy and flashy.

Lip Tricks

The last makeup trick for fat faces is all about plumped, voluminous lips. If you’re not blessed with naturally fuller lips, do create the illusion of it with the help of a lip liner. Delineate your lower lip with the liner in a color that matches the color of your lippy. Complete the look with a quality plumping lip-gloss or glossy-lipstick and you’re done.