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Easy Eye Makeup Looks for Day and Evening



Step by Step Guide to Smoldering Smokey EyesNormally we pay all the attention on the eye makeup for our important event, and that is the safest and the easiest way to get the perfect look for any occasion and that is one reason I keep trying different looks whenever I get time, and the look I am going to share with you is one of the most intense looks I have ever tried and it is one of the most simplest ones too, even though it look pretty difficult, but if you have supper blending hands then you can get that look within 10-15 minutes, although I am using the black and shiny green shade, but you can try that look with as many shade as you like, the only thing you need to keep in mind while you try eye makeup is your own skin tone and shade of your eyes.The fashion for smoky eyes never ends, because they look so chi

We will start with moisturizer eyes and then we will apply some primer all over the lid and blend well, and then we will take light brown eye shadow and apply all over the eye brow and then blend well to get the perfect and the smooth look and then we will take slightly darker shade and apply on the middle arch and blend well and that will help you get even more pro look.Evening makeup for blue eyes

Now we will apply the pinkish silver base all over the lid and then take black Kajal and apply on the inner point of the lid and then at the end of the lid and rub well, you need to blend well to get the right shade and then we will take the brightest sea green shade and apply in between black shades and rub it in vertical way and the we will take some black gel liner and apply under the lower lash line and then we will take the same green shade with liner brush and apply a thin line over the lash line too.event but drawing alway feels cumbersome here is how u can do it like

Now take light peach shade and apply over the crease and blend well till it look a part of the eyes lid and then tale silver green highlighter and apply on the center of the lid and rub with your finger a bit and then take the same shade and then apply on the inner corner of your eyes and blend well, now take your darkest gel liner and apply a wing over the upper lash line and then finish the look with thick coat of mascara, apply silver highlighter over your bone and you are ready to go.