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Easy and Quick Make-up Tips & Beauty Tricks


Most of us omit wearing makeup each day because we don’t have time to apply it. Whether you are a working woman or a house wife, makeup and skin care is the last thing in your mind when you are hurrying to get your work done. Here are some easy and quick make-up tips to learn how to apply makeup in just five minutes.Makeup Ideas

Easy and Quick Make-up Tips

Use of Concealer and Powder

Concealer is an important thing in make-up; you simply cannot do without it. The correct way to apply concealer is to dot the concealer on your face, on areas that need maximum coverage, like under the eyes and around the nose and blend it by fingertips. You do not need to apply any foundation if you have fairly good skin. Foundation is also replaced by tinted moisturizer or you can set the tune with Powder.
Add Color with Blush and BronzerAdd Color with Blush and Bronzer
The next step of easy and quick make-up is to apply blush and bronzer properly Choose a light and rosy color and using a large blush brush; quickly sweep it across the apples of your cheeks. Same rules have been applied if you want to use bronzer.
Nice eye makeup for green eyesEyes make-up
After you’ve applied your foundation, powder and blush, you need to properly dress up your eyes. Easy and quick make-up tips suggest to start by sweeping a light layer of neutral eye shadow on your entire lid. An eye highlighting powder just below the brow will give your eyes a little extra pick-me-up.

Color Sensational High Shine Lip
Use Color and Shine to Lips
In the final step, be sure to sweep a light lip color across your lips. Apply a lip liner in a shade that closely matches your lipstick shade and avoid using a dark liner with a light lipstick. One of the easy and quick make-up tips is to apply concealer on the top of your lip line to instantly make your lips look fuller and more defined.