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Dry Skin Care for Your Skin Beauty

Dry Skin Care for Your Skin Beauty
Dry Skin Care for Your Skin Beauty

The dry skin becomes even drier during the winter months. The reason being, dry winds that blow throughout the winter season soak in all the moisture from the skin thus leave it tight and dry. To keep the skin moisturized and hydrated is the key to prevent dryness. So, keep your Dry Skin Care for Your Skin Beauty & following below given tips and enjoys healthy and glowing skin.


Cleansing is the first step that keeps the skin from getting extra dry. The women who often use makeup should cleanse their face regularly. A good cleanser is responsible of removing all those impurities from the skin that cause pores clogging without making the skin extra tight and dry.

Cleansing is must at least twice a day, once in morning and once in evening. Lemon and cactus are best cleansers for the dry skin; they not only cleanse the face to make the skin tone fairer but are also helpful in dehydrating the body skin.

The proper way of cleansing the face is to massage the skin with the cleanser moving the hands gently in upward and outward direction. Use damp cotton for putting on the cleanser since it cleanses the skin without socking in the moisture from the skin.


After cleansing, tone the skin. Toning process accelerates the surface circulation along with dissolving the dirt. It also tautens the pores and supports the skin.

Skin Nourishing

Apply a skin nourishing cream just before going to bed for sleep. It is helpful in relaxing the taut skin and in stimulating the circulation.

If your skin is dry then an orange base nourishing is ideal; however, if you have extra dry skin then Vitamin E containing cream will work the best for you.

Use an eye cream for applying around the eyes; however, avoid leaving it overnight since it can prove harmful for the delicate under eye area.

Other Tips

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take enough sleep and healthy plus balanced diet.
  • Do not take shower for long.
  • Prevent direct exposure to the sun and make sure applying a sunscreen before stepping outdoors.