Different Types of Makeup Brushes to Apply Cosmetics

Different Types of Makeup Brushes to Apply Cosmetics
Different Types of Makeup Brushes to Apply Cosmetics

A professional makeup cannot be impeccable until you dab on with a good quality brush. There are different makeup brushes for individual facial features. Eye shades, crease brushes, eye blender, eye smudge, eye shadows are applied for accentuating eyes while a comb, mascara brush or wand is used for eye lashes. Similarly, a smooth flat or round brush is used for application of base makeup.

Professional makeup brushes are very different to lower quality varieties. Cheaper brushes usually have synthetic bristles so they will break easily greenwoods personal credit and are more likely to cause irritation to a sensitive skin therefore buying a professional make up brush may be a better decision for you. The variety in brushes is much larger when buying higher quality brushes as there are a number of different sizes and shapes. This article shall let you know the different types of brushes.

  • Foundation Brush: A foundation brush is used to apply liquid or mineral foundation over the face neck and even on the back. It is a soft haired U-shaped brush which is usually quite large, allowing for quick and easy coverage. A blend synthetic and natural bristles is preferred for the best foundation brush.
  • Powder Brush: A powder brush can be used to apply loose powder over the foundation and concealer, and can also be used to apply a shimmer or a bronzer to the face. This brush is best used in natural bristles and sets the foundation. The powder brush is a large soft brush which sweeps across the whole face.
  • Blusher Brush: Blusher brushes are used to apply blush or cheek color evenly over the cheeks and cheek bones.
  • Concealer Brush- A concealer brush is used to apply concealer to areas of imperfection on the face. It is a small rounded brush which is used to apply concealer to any blemishes or low interest unsecured loan red areas of the face.
  • Eyeshadow brushes: Eyeshadow brushes are generally small and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These pointy or angled brushes are designed so to help line in the yes loan eyes. Half-moon shaped brushes with soft and silky tip is the perfect choice for eye makeup.
  • Eyeliner: An eyeliner brush is a really thin and fine brush with soft bristles that help you line your eyes.
  • Lipstick Brush: A lip brush is a fine, soft and tapered brush that can be used to apply lipstick or lip gloss to the lips. Lipstick brushes usually have retractable tips and are made from firm fibers. You can easily carry them in your bag for anytime use.